Xi'an - Beilin

Beilin district is located in the southeast of the city center, across the wall inside and outside with a total area of 23.36 square kilometers and a permanent population of 628900 people which mean is the smallest and most densely populated urban area in Xi 'an.

There are 17 colleges and universities, 131 scientific research institutions in Beilin which is the most important area of intellectual talents, scientific and technological achievements in Shaanxi province. In January 2013, the construction of innovation industry belt of the ring university was launched by 10 universities, including Beilin government, the municipal science and technology bureau and Xi 'an Jiaotong University. By deepening the reform of science and technology resources and modes of mechanism innovation, speed up the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, foster new forms, promote the public entrepreneurship, innovation, there is no fence intelligence intensive industrial park construction, promoting the development of downtown innovation-driven transformation.