Xi 'an, used to name Chang 'an, the first of the four ancient capitals of China, has a permanent population of 8.7 million (by the end of 2015) with 11 administrative regions, such as Weiyang district, Beilin district, and the Yanta district etc. Xi 'an is located at south-central of Shaanxi province which on the Weihe river in the north and Qinling mountains in the south. As the economic belt of the new Eurasian continental bridge, the largest western central city along the new railway line, Xi 'an has an important strategic position. As the capital of Shaanxi province, Xi 'an depends on geography, culture, superiority of scientific research and education to achieve rapid economic development in the mean well consolidate itself as the core of economic activity in north –west area from the beginning of the implementation of "western development" policy in 2000 to build a new starting point of the economic belt along the silk road now. In attracting foreign investment, cultivation high –tech services, modern service industry and other important industries, Xi 'an has been entitled to all the preferential policies of governments, including income tax, input subsidies (water, electricity) and reduction of land use etc. At the municipal level, Xi 'an offers a series of generous incentives for companies engaged in modern services, financial services and logistics. For example, for the series of cultural enterprises who conform to meet income tax Qujiang district will give economic support, and for finance, modern services and environmental protection enterprises Chanba area offers many preferential policies.

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