Wuhan - Qiaokou

Qiaokou District is located at northwest in main urban area, the intersection of Yangtze River and Han River. The geographic coordinates are between longitude 114°9′~114°17′, latitude 30°34′~30°38′. Immediately adjacent to Wuhan Central Business District (CBD) and Commercial center district on the east. The Han River is on the south and close to Wuhan Economic & Technology District. Oriental Horse City on the west and Taiwan Investment Area is on the north. Qiaokou District is the most innovative central urban area and the potential economic hinterland in Wuhan. The area of land is 41.46 square kilometers, under the jurisdiction of Yijia, Gutian, Changfeng, Hanjiadun, Zongguan, Hanshui Bridge, Baofeng, Ronghua, Hanzhong, Liujiao Pavilion, Hanzheng and other 11 administrative streets, 130 community residents' committees and 1 villagers' committee, with a resident population of 864900.