Wuhan, referred to as "Han" and nicknamed "Jiang Cheng", is the capital of Hubei province, the only sub-provincial city and megacity of the six central provinces, the central city of central China, the core city of the Yangtze river economic belt, an important national industrial base, science and education base and comprehensive transportation hub, and the resident of the joint logistic support force of the central military commission. Wuhan has 13 administrative districts, such as Jiang’an district, JiangHan district, QiaoKou district, HanYang district, WuChang district, QingShan district, HongShan district, CaiDian district, JiangXia district, HuangPi district, XinZhou district, DongXiHu district and HanNan district. Wuhan is one of the first cities opening to the outside world along the Yangtze river in China, and the first choice for foreign investment in central China. Among all foreign investment in Wuhan, Hong Kong investment accounts for the largest proportion. One of the cities with three elements of financial markets, financial institutions and financial products. The number of listed companies in Wuhan has reached 77, among which there are 20 overseas listed companies and 57 domestic listed companies, ranking the first in the central provincial capital city. Wuhan has many well-known commercial real estate projects, such as Greenland center, HengLong plaza, Tianyue financial Center, K11 Atelier, Ping’an Financial Center, IIC, Citic Pacific building and so on.

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