Shenyang - Tiexi

Shenyang's old industrial zone was born from Tiexi District where is the south-west of Shenyang. After 1949, Tiexi Industrial Zone gradually became the core area of the major M&E manufacturing industry in China. In this territory which has 40 square kilometres, there are thousands of state-owned enterprises. It was the largest and most intensive heavy industry and equipment manufacturing industry in China. Tiexi has its famous history that has created hundreds of “First“in the history of China's industry development.

Since the 1990s, the splendor of Tiexi District has faded rapidly, because of the excessive industrial capacity and serious pollution in Tiexi District. Then , Tiexi District started  the road on  transformation, started to reorganize   enterprises and relocate the  factories to the new Economic and Technological Development Zone. Shenyang Economic and Technological Development Zone was established in 1988. The  zone and Shenxi Industrial Corridor expanded the scope and industrial composition of Tiexi old industrial zone. In 2002, the Shenyang Economic and Technological Development Zone and the Tiexi District of the old industrial merged together and then established the Tiexi New Zone . Tiexi Industrial Zone, Shenyang Economic and Technological Development Zone, Tiexi New Town, Chemical Industrial Park, Metallurgical Industrial Park now composed the current Tie Xi Industry.

Tiexi District, locating at the prosperous area of Shenyang. The new town- Zhang Shi, is located in the Third Ring and Fourth Ring Area. Tiexi District is one of China's industrial zone. On June 9, 2007, the NDRC and the State Council granted the award -“Tiexi Old Industrial Base Reform and Equipment Manufacturing Development Model Zone” in Shenyang.
Tiexi District has speed up the progress of industrial transformation and upgrading, and fully promoted the economic improvement of Tiexi. One of the target is building a world-class manufacturing base. We will build internationally renowned brand products, foster international large enterprise groups, and build a basic industrial cluster with high product matching rate and a public service platform for market operation. Prompt the development of high-end equipment such as  robots, power equipment, intelligent manufacturing, aviation, and emerging industries such as new energy equipment, smart equipment, continue to expand the automobile industry, and promote the development of pharmaceutical, chemical, and modern construction industries.

In September 2018, the White Paper on the Development of China's Top 100 Areas in 2018 was published in Beijing, and Tiexi District was elected the Top 100 in 2018.