Shenyang - Hunnan

Hunnan District is in the southeast of Shenyang City, which is close to the old city zone, east of Fushun City, south of Benxi, Liaoyang and other cities. The area covers a total area of 803 square kilometers and consists of six functional areas, National University Science and Technology area, Shenfu New Town, Modern Business District, International Industrial Park, Modern Agricultural Demonstration Zone and Qipanshan scene Area.  The current population is 470,000 and it is  a national high-tech industrial development zone.

Convenient Transportation. Shenyang Taoxian International Airport is the largest airport in Northeast of China. And Shenyang South Railway Station is the largest high-speed railway station in Northeast of China. Both are located in the territory. Expressways such as Shendan, Shenji, Jingha, and Shenyang Third Ring Road and Fourth Ring Road run through the whole district. Metro, bus and modern transportation are seamlessly connected, forming a three-dimensional transportation system through all directions.

Beautiful environment. The second largest Chuanhun River in Liaoning Province is about 40 kilometers long. It has abundant ecological and tourism resources, such as Xiuhu Scenic Area, National Forest Park, World Expo Garden and Qingfuling Tomb. It is a "double ecological area" which combines the national ecological area and the national ecological civilization construction pilot area.

Comprehensive facilities. Wanda, Yifeng, Xinglong and other large-scale commercial complexes gathered in the Olympic business circle, business finance, automobile trade, community commerce flourished, with first-class facilities of education parks and international schools, cultural and sports venues, public leisure plazas throughout the region, is the first batch of smart city construction pilot areas.

Strong foundation of Industry development. It has formed an industrial system dominated by E-information, advanced manufacturing and bio-pharmaceutical industries, and supported by IC equipment, robots, e-commerce, modern architecture, civil aviation, cultural tourism and other industries. It is a high-tech, emerging industrial agglomeration area in the city and an advanced service urban area in the province.

Technology innovation. There are 119 high-tech enterprises, 67 engineering and technical research centers at or above the provincial level, 3 National incubators and 32 scientific and technological innovation platforms in the region.

Excellent investment  environment. It is one of the regions in Northeast China with the highest administrative efficiency, the best investment conditions and the best development environment.