Shenyang is the capital of Liaoning Province, and also the largest city and core transportation hub in Northeast China. As an important manufacturing city, Shenyang has attracted large domestic and foreign enterprises to invest because of its good industrial foundation and excellent manufacturing capacity. At the same time, with its great advantages in geography, culture, scientific research and education, it has founded its steady economic development and further consolidated its core position in economic activities in the Northeast. Shenyang government is also gradually improving the corresponding policies and providing more convenient services, promoting the high value-added industrial clusters such as IT, electricity, finance, modern service industry, and improving the industrial value chain. (Liaoning) Free Trade Pilot Zone as the representative  , Shenyang has entered a new stage of development and gradually transformed into a modern, high-tech international metropolis, which is focusing on the development of advanced manufacturing industries such as equipment manufacturing, automobile and spare parts, aviation equipment and modern services such as finance, science and technology, logistics and so on.

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