Shanghai - Jing'an

Jian’an, is one of the central districts of Shanghai, that as of 2014 consists of over one million residents. The district is landlocked and surrounded by the Hongkou District to the east, Huangpu District to the southeast, Putuo and Changning Districts to the west, Xuhui District to the south and Baoshan District to the north. The region takes its name from an ancient traditional Buddhist place of worship - Jian’an Temple, and historically has been known for being a centre of industry. Yet, this has shifted in recent years and allied with favourable property prices (compared with Putuo and HongKou) the district is seeing an influx of urban residents.

There are several famous landmarks in Jing ‘an District, such as, the Jing ‘an Temple, Jing ‘an Park, Jing ‘an Temple Plaza - the first sunken plaza in Shanghai, Shanghai Exhibition Centre, and West Nanjing Road. Similarly to its eastern counterpart, West Nanjing Road is one of Shanghai’s premier shopping quarters and acts as home to a number of impressive shopping centres - Plaza 66, CITIC Square, Westgate Plaza ISETAN is to name just a few. Along with being one of Shanghai’s top shopping districts, West Nanjing houses multiple luxury five-star hotels as well as a number of top of the line housing complexes. Jing’an is also one of the Shanghai’s vital business and commercial hubs and it contains several large office buildings.

The district also acts as the major transport terminus of Shanghai as the Shanghai Railway Station, Shanghai Highway Bus Terminal, Hutai Highway Bus Station, and other 5 long-distance bus terminals all conglomerate in Jing ‘an. The area is also connected to 8 metro lines: 1, 2, 3, 4, 7, 8, 12, and 13. One of the reasons for the district being a major transport centre is the fact that the Yan ’an Elevated Rd., North-South Elevated Rd., Elevated Inner Ring Rd. and the Middle Ring Rd all connect in the district. The status of the district being a major transport nucleus is further cemented by the fact that the city Airport Terminal, Jing ‘an Temple traffic hub and Middle Ring Gonghexin Rd. traffic hub all provide access and convenience to both air and land travel.