Hangzhou - Xiaoshan

Xiaoshan District belongs to Hangzhou and is a vitally important economic engine of east China. It is located on the south side of Yangtze River Delta, specifically on the south of Qiantang River. Xiaoshan is quite close to downtown Hangzhou, and borders on Shaoxing city in east, Zhuji city in south, Fuyang city in west and connects with Binjiang District of Hangzhou in northwest side. In north side, Xiaoshan links to Hangzhou Bay and is opposite to Haining city. The comprehensive power of Xiaoshan is ranked the first among the county-level cities or counties in Zhejiang province and one of the most powerful counties or county-level cities in the aspect of economy. The metro line 1 and 2 are accessible in this area.

Qianjiang Century City is located on the north riverside of Xiaoshan District. The establishment of this new city marks the change of Hangzhou’s urban construction strategy from the West Lake Era to Qiantang River Era. It reflects the ambition of Hangzhou municipality. The whole new city can hold a population around 160,000. Typical projects in this area include Hangzhou International Expo Center, Hangzhou Olympic Sports Center and INCITY.