Guangzhou - Liwan

Liwan District, once named Xiguian, is located in the flourishing west part of Guangzhou on the northeast bank of the Pearl River. Liwan District is considered the core area of Guangzhou city proper and Guangfo Metropolitan area. It borders Yuexiu district on the east, Baiyun district to the north, and Nanhai district of Foshan City to the west.

Liwan District is notoriously known for being a hot tourist destination as it house many famous attractions and historical sites. In order to integrate this multitude of landmarks for tourists convenience, Liwan District Administration divided them into four separate areas, , Xiguan Folk Custom Area, Chen Clan Temple Cultural and Leisure Area, Shamian Continental Tourist Area, and Shisanhang Commercial and Cultural Area. There are also a number of modern commercial areas - 9 Commercial Pedestrian Street, Kangwang Road, Zhongshan 78th Road and Huadi Avenue – that were developed through the 1990s and now bring the district a large amount of revenue.

Liwan is serviced by three metro lines 1, 5 and 6, operated by Guangzhou Metro, as well as the Guangfo Line.