Guangzhou - Haizhu

Haizhu District, once the largest, southernmost and least populated district of Guangzhou, has undergone major changes during the expansion of the city. Then, it was also the only island district south of the Zhujiang River, thus the natives of Guangzhou often referred to it, and still do, as “Henan” (“Honam” in Cantonese, meaning “south of the river”).

Today it is no longer the largest district in the area nor is it the southernmost. However, despite being less developed than the neighbouring Liwan and Yuexiu Districts, Haizhu now has some of the most expensive property in the entire city and its riverfront promenade is one of the top residential developments in Guangzhou.  The world’s largest convention centre, Guangzhou International Convention and Exhibition Centre is located in Haizhu district.

Haizhu is serviced by metro lines 2, 3, 4 and 8 operated by Guangzhou Metro, as well as Guangfo Line and Zhujiang APM.