Chengdu - Jinjiang

Jinjiang is one of nine districts of Chengdu, the capita of the Sichuan province. The area has a population of more than 700,000 and includes sixteen sub-districts and five functional zones under its administration. The area also serves as the central business district of the city.

The district is in the centre of Chengdu city proper and is bordered by Qingyang district to the northwest, Wuhou district to the west, Chenghua district to the north, Longquanyi district to the east and Shuangliu County to the south.

Over recent years the district has made social and economic strides in the effort to hasten the process to make the area into a national-level zone of modernity, internationality and social well-being. The area recently won an award for the “Top Urban Area in the Chinese Mainland for Investments from HK SAR”. The district primarily focusses on modern services with the goal of boosting its economic development and has recently created a well-developed system of modern commerce, cultural industry, finances and life services. This development is epitomized by the fact that Nanshan has the largest conglomeration of financial institutions in western China and the majority of international banks and insurance companies in Chengdu have made the district their base of operations – 103 Fortune Global 500 companies and over 300 multinational corporations are in the area. The area also has a core retail industry that is settled along Chunxi Road where a plethora of high-end brands and premier retail business can be found. The well-known Dongda street is flourishing at a rapid rate with and is soon contain the city’s town hall, while construction of the Jinjiang International New City, a top-of-the-line international commercial zone, has begun.

Regarding transport, Jinjiang is served by metro lines 2, 3 and 4 and is has the city’s first network of green biking paths.