Beijing - Xicheng

Consisting of fifteen sub-districts Xicheng encompasses the western half of Beijing’s city centre - the Old City. The district borders Dongcheng district to the east, Chaoyang district to the north, Haidian and Fengtai districts to the west, and Fengtai district to the south. Xicheng, which means “West City”, is considered the political hub of Beijing as it houses multiple political institutions as well as residential zones for a number of the communist party’s top officers.

The former district of Xuanwu today forms the southern part of Xicheng Distrct. One will most likely come here to explore the bars and restaurants of the Houhai area or perhaps to discover the remains of the wealthiest part of nearby historical Beijing. The commercial sub-district of Xidan is also appealing to many tourists. The district also includes Bejiing Zoo, Beihai Park and the impressive National Centre for the Performing Arts.

This area is oft considered the charming cultural heart of Beijing with a combination of palatial courtyard houses, charming lakes and fine restaurants to be found throughout.

Xicheng is served by seven metro lines (1,2,4,6,7,8,13) as well as line 2 of the BCR.