Beijing - Chaoyang

Chaoyang is a massive district, roughly covering the urban area to the north and east of central Beijing and with a population of over 3.5 million it is also comfortably the most populous. To the east it borders with Tongzhou district, to the south Fengtai and Daxing districts, to the west Haidian, Xicheng and Dongcheng districts, and Shunyi, Changping districts in the north. There is scant left of Beijing’s ancient history to be found in Chaoyang with the majority of the traditional infrastructure being replaced with a multitude of upmarket new buildings. Areas such as the Olympic Green, built to host the 2008 Summer Olympics, and Sanlitun – an international retail, food and entertainment district in central Chaoyang, are prime examples of the areas recent development.

Sitting just beyond the Second Ring Road, which demarcates the boundary of the old walled capital, is where you’ll find the home of Beijing’s rapidly modernizing central business district (CBD). The ever-growing business district is home to many of the global top 500 transnational companies that have invested in Beijing in recent years – in fact over 60% of foreign business agencies in Beijing are found in Chaoyang. It also consists of many high-end financial, real-estate, technology corporations with the district acting as a congregation area for culturally creative industries, business service industries and multinational companies’ headquarters.

The district is served by thirteen metro lines operated by Beijing Subway: Lines 1, 2,5,6,7,8,10,13,14,15, as well as the Airport Express line, Batong Line and Yizhuang Line.