About Us

DiChanDaDang is an Internet service platform focuses on China commercial real estate, powered by JLL. It was launched in 2017 and covers 13 cities in China currently. The office leasing and retail leasing service is provided right now.


Platform Introduction

DiChanDaDang is an online service portal designed by JLL that is dedicated in commercial real estate. By building a professional service channel, it can quickly match properties to the most appropriate customers, while saving cost of site selection for business users. DiChanDaDang has a 360° virtual reality site-viewing function by navigating the website so as to improve the viewing efficiency. Coupled with the services from our offline senior professional consultants, we can seamlessly connect everyone in order to provide one-stop professional service.


Services Introduction

DiChanDaDang covers rental service for office buildings and retail properties. Office leasing service providing properties including traditional office buildings, serviced offices, co-working flexi-spaces and business parks, DiChanDaDang offers more comprehensive property options. Retail leasing service providing properties including shopping malls, department stores and geographic buildings, DiChanDaDang assists in searching for more suitable stores.